Back in September 2019, we added Digital Space in V2.3.0. In the coming Easter update, we will breathe new life into this relatively old mode by introducing more fantastic features.

If you are not familiar with the Digital Space at all, check out this post to get an idea of this mode:

What's new in the edit mode?

The most exciting feature in v2.6.0 is that players will be able to design their own Soul Knight with existing resources in game. You can create a whole level with different types of rooms, where you get to place all sorts of items and even biomes. What is even more amazing is that you can share the "scenario" that you create with other diehard Soul Knight fans (Android version only) !*

*File export and import is now only available on Android.

Start customizing the scenario by placing a room. There are multiple types of rooms for you to choose. For example, a Starting Point is where you first appear during a game, and Enemy Room is where enemies appear.

Before you set off a creative journey, don't forget to activate the flight mode, so that you can move smoothly, without being blocked by any obstacles.

How to edit an empty room?

First of all, you need to place an empty room. Then tap on the button of Amazing Staff, and start editing your room.

Room settings include:

  • Room Type: Enemy Room, Chest Room, Special Room and Portal

  • Biome: Choose a biome

  • Map Size: The minimum length and width is 77, and the maximum is 100100
  • Door: Set which direction the door of the room is open to (required)

When editing an Enemy Room, you will be asked to customize more details to complete your gaming experience.

Enemy Room settings include:

What is Gravity Machine? How to edit it?
Place a gravity machine that pulls everyone back and forth! Gravity machine works on characters, dummies, and enemies.

The round gravity field has an attractive force or a repulsive force.

The square gravity field has a force in different directions (depending on the customized setting "Angle").

To edit Gravity Machine, again, take the Amazing Staff and interact with the machine.