If you prefer to save your progress to Google cloud, please note that:

1)You cannot have more than one copy of cloud save under one Google account. If you need to change device, please make sure that on the new device is logged in to the same Google account. 2)Your purchase is tied with your Google account and cannot be migrated to another Google account. 3)Your copy of cloud save on Google cloud cannot be migrated to ChillyRoom server.

To use the cloud save feature bound with Google account, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Log into your Apple ID or Google Play account

1) Go to Settings - Accounts - log into your Google account

2) On Google Play Games, log into Player ID of the same Google account.

Step 2: Retrieve/upload your progress from/to cloud (Soul Knight)

1) Tap on Cloud Save button

2) Now compare your cloud save to the local save. To retrieve your progress from cloud, tap on Retrieve Progress. To upload your progress to the cloud, tap on Upload Progress.

If this is your first time using this feature, you should see "Cloud save not found" on your cloud save information.

3) You may see a warning to double confirm. Please read carefully and click "yes" ONLY IF you want to perform the action.

4) Now your cloud save and local save should be exactly the same and your progress is retrieved from the cloud/uploaded to the cloud.

5) Another way to confirm if you have successfully saved the progress is to go to Google Play Games, find your Soul Knight, and if you see a message that says "Progress saved by Play Games", you are all set.